It’s not you, it’s the machine!

by Nora McCray on January 19, 2012

in sewing tips

A better sewing machine can make all the difference!

Feel like your sewing machine is an evil monster? We can help! Take a sewing class or let us help you select a new machine that you will LOVE!

Having trouble using a new sewing machine? Before throwing your sewing machine out the window,we can help! In our most popular class How To Use A Sewing Machine we help you to understand how a machine works so you can trouble shoot any issue!

Here’s a remember from our class: 3 promises to trouble free sewing machine operation!

  1. always turn the hand wheel towards you
  2. make sure the take up lever (whale) is up when you stop and start
  3. keep the presser foot down on the feed dogs (waves).

Want more personalized help? Sign up one of our “Learn to Sew” classes, so you can enjoy your sewing machine. We can also give you expert advice on purchasing a new machine that you will LOVE for years to come. Just ask us.

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