My dog ate my prom dress!

by Nora McCray on November 20, 2013

in a great fit

Help ‐ My Dog Ate My Prom Dress!
But thanks to Sew Fresh Studio we were able to save it! It sounds crazy, I know but it is true.

My daughter had ordered a dress online for her Junior Prom well in advance, so we could make a backup plan if it didn’t work out. But as luck would have it, it didn’t arrive until the week we were away on Spring Break.

UPS kindly left it on the front porch. Clearly they could not have missed our giant puppy when the package was dropped off. Louie, who wears an invisible fence collar, has full reign of the front yard. I am sure the delivery person received an enthusiastic welcome filled with jumping, wagging tail, barking and slobbery kisses.

So what is a bored puppy to do left alone with a new box? Open it of course! He shredded the box and apparently loved the dress, for it was covered in slobber. My guess is that he tossed it in the air numerous times, stepped, pulled, and tugged at it for there were several pieces strewn across the yard.

My daughter was in tears and a state of panic when the dog sitter called to tell us the news. I was dreading having to pay for another dress. My daughter love her dress and wanted to keep it and we only had a couple of weeks before prom.

We called Sew Fresh Studio and found that it was fortunately  salvageable. The fact that it was a bit too long turned out to be a blessing. The designer at Sew Fresh Studio was able to quickly trim, tuck and sew the front hem adding a fresh, new, stylish look. Trimming a layer from the train and adding a bustle in the back completed the look and made it “danceable”. Sew Fresh Studio made it even better than the original design!

Thank you for saving the dress and making prom night “the best night ever”!

Sandy & Maddie McKee

Wedding, holiday and prom gowns may need a little TLC. Sew Fresh Studio specializes in TLC. Just call us. We can help fit it perfectly! Wedding, holiday and prom gowns may need a little TLC.  Sew Fresh Studio  specializes in TLC.







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