Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When you join our internet email notifications:

We welcome you to join our email list to be notified of special discounts and deals as well as upcoming classes we offer. You may receive 0-3 emails a week. They will be polite, informative and short. They will also be labeled as to the content and often will include coupons for discounts or deals. We do not sell our email list or information. Please let us know if the emails become a problem and your information will be quickly removed.

Sew Fresh Studio class policy 

We keep our classes small to provide excellent instruction and attention. We have a minimum and a maximum for each class. This helps to keep our fees as low as we can. Our professional experienced teachers plan and prepare well for the students and need to be paid for the commitment we give them by your registrations. Teachers are either very experienced or are working as a professional in the field they teach. We ask you to look at your calendar carefully before you register for a class. Your registration is your commitment to attend.

Prepayment Policy: Classes must be prepaid, 4 days prior to class, with cash, check mailed and received to our post office box, or credit card on our web site, by phone or in person. You will not have a spot in the class without prepayment. This helps to keep your fees as low as we can make them and still pay our staff for their talents. Sometimes we hold your credit card information for guarantee you want a space in our classes and will pay later when the class starts. In this case we will eliminate this information once you have paid in person or we have your permission to run your card.

1.  Call us 4 business days prior to the first class. This may give us time to fill your space and not let the other students down by having to cancel the class due to class minimums not being met.

2. If you get sick or have an emergency and can’t come and do not give us 4 days notice, you will be given a refund of  1/2  the cost of the class, since our teachers require us to pay them for the attendance expected. We will either issue you a check and mail it to you or run your credit card on file for 1/2 of the class fee and send you the receipt of this transaction.

If we need to cancel or postpone:

1. During bad weather: 4 hours before the class start if weather is severe enough. Rescheduling will be announced. Call studio to check in with us in bad weather cases.

2. If minimums have not been met for the class or the teacher needs to cancel. We wait until 1 day before class is to begin. We will reschedule the class and you can apply your payment to any of the future classes or ask for a refund.

Private classes are offered:

If you had to miss a class or want a personal approach, our teachers offer private classes at their discretion at $75/hr. with a 2 hour minimum for fashion arts and sewing classes.

Parents are welcome to watch the kid’s classes for 15 minutes at the beginning of classes. We find that the kids have better attention if they are not distracted by visitors watching. All kids’ classes will be supervised by two adults.


Class notion discounts

Sew Fresh Students receive a 10% discount on all materials purchased here during time signed up for classes.  Schedule your own class, find at least 4 students, collect their payments and we will find a teacher to teach what you want to learn and give all students in class 10% off class fee for any ages from 6-100.

 Our studio environment

We make a commitment to our environment and your health. Please don’t wear perfumes in classes. Our students are asked to be polite and understanding of each other’s needs. Our teachers and staff do not discuss sensitive subjects in public or in class environments, and we ask the same of our visitors, clients and students.

We use earth friendly non-toxic cleaners and paints, we have equipped our sewing studio with state of the art equipment, we offer easy to use Janome computer sewing machines, Laura Star Irons, Sylvia Cutting tables and specially designed tables to encourage community in our classes. We give back to our community, recycle and offer community sewing projects for you to volunteer.

 Communications with Sew Fresh Staff

Please let us know how we can serve your needs for classes you want, appointments for alterations or custom tailoring and sewing, special needs for private classes or if you have an issue with something we have done or want us to consider doing to make things better here. Just give us a call and let us know your concerns and when is a good time to reach you and speak to Vince Phan or email us at Create at sewfreshstudio dot com. We will get back to you within a couple of days. Thank you.


Sew Fresh Studio and it’s symbol of flowers is trademarked and ours alone to use. The flowers in our logo represent the individual differences and beauty of each of our clients as they make a bouquet in our community and in our classes.


Thank you for your continued interest in what we offer to our creative community.