Vintage non-traditional wedding dress, customized.

Our professional alteration work is:

  • well fitting
  • correctly altered for best fit
  • original design and technical integrity kept intact
  • always guaranteed

Our clients are often surprised how we can accomplish a great fit that they never thought would be possible. We don’t rush you through the fitting process. We take your figure aspects into consideration and with your input, we determine the desired steps to accomplish the best overall appearance.

Our quality and value pricing:

  • we don’t take shortcuts
  • use hand work when appropriate,
  • recheck at subsequent fittings,
  • give you and your garments TLC

Call for your personal appointment today. Please bring with you:

  • several pairs of shoes for pants fittings.
  • all accessories worn with your garment
  • clean or prewashed garment to be altered.

We have a 2 week turn but can offer rush services as well.


Let us customize your special event pieces today. Mother of the Bride or Groom can be exciting young and elegant.

mother of bride custom alteration

 We added sleeves to a strapless wedding gown and gave her a custom fit

added sleeves, altered dress for curvy figure

   A vintage non-traditional custom wedding dress

  Vintage non-traditional wedding dress, customized.

Brides take advantage of our free consultation to let you know how we can help you feel and look your best in your gown.

formal bridal alteration

This French short gown didn’t fit our client so we added a corset back and customized the fit to enhance her beauty for her prom.

Many of the prom gowns that come in for hems require us to be economical as possible. We often will hem only the front of the gown and bustle the back for cost savings.

 Non traditional brides can get a special look by combining a purchased silk jacket with a custom made silk skirt, as we did for this happy client.

Many of our clients are smaller or taller and can’t find that custom look in the shops. We can make a garment such as this tailored jacket look as though it was made just for you!

alteration of a Ferre Italian Jacket