Men and Women

It is wonderful feeling to be wearing a well tailored garment. From jeans to wedding gowns there is no problem for us!

Our work is:

  • accurate,
  • professional and
  • always guaranteed
  • You can trust us with your special pieces to keep the design and technical integrity intact.

Our clients are often surprised at how we can accomplish a great fit, that they never thought would be possible. We don’t rush you through the fitting process. We take your figure aspects into consideration and with your input, we determine the desired steps to accomplish the best overall appearance.

Our prices may be higher than a dry cleaner’s because we don’t take short cuts:

  • we use hand work when appropriate
  • recheck our work and fit at subsequent fittings
  • and give you and your pieces lots of TLC

Your smart  investment will compliment you and give you years of pleasure wearing.

Please wash your garments or dry clean them before your fitting .

Our clients call us “Clothing Magicians”.

Let us show you how good you can look!

Please wash and dry your jeans at least 2 times, bring in a few pairs for shoes to fit your jeans with. We take great care of your clothing items and your needs.