Custom Bridal and Wardrobe

Custom Bridal Gowns

The staff at Sew Fresh Studio can help you accomplish your fashion dreams! You may have searched the Internet, boutiques and national stores in vain to find what you want. You may have pored over catalogs to no avail. You may need a special size or are particular about the style, fabric and colors. We are pleased to offer a Custom Design studio that brings design and production under one roof at a reasonable price.


Step into your role as a Clothing Designer even if you are just creating one piece! You are about to enter a professional relationship with your own “fashion house” as our team develops a unique piece of artwork for you. We will consider and help you refine every aspect of your design concept. What attitude or part of yourself are you trying to express? What are the most enhancing colors and designs for your figure? With our help you will choose the fabrics and patterns. Each fabric handles differently and has its own “personality.” Each design and style silhouette also has distinct requirements. Our experience will help us anticipate problems that may occur as we smooth the way toward a custom piece enhances your natural beauty.

Our Design Team offers individual clients’ custom clothing from an idea you have and custom alterations to change a purchased garment or gown into one that looks like it was made just for you. When we create one custom item that needs to fit just you, we make a muslin prototype first to see if you like the design and we get the fit you want. This prototype is used as a preliminary pattern to achieve the final garment in your fabric choices. A finalized paper pattern can be created using the preliminary pattern and any adjustments we made to your first completed garment. This paper pattern price is priced per piece. This can be used again and again. Recognize that fabrics handle differently. We estimate the number of hours it usually takes to create your garment. This price can change with any design changes, fabric problems, or extra time for fittings needed due to body requirements. Our hourly rate is $65/hr for custom sewing. Since your piece is unique, this estimate can only be an educated guess. Fitting and consultation times are essential to the production of something that is yours alone. If changes occur with the design your figure or the fabrics become difficult the price could increase. You will be notified of this when it occurs.

We create custom well fitting for women and men. These are typical labor only price ranges. We will coach you as to what fabrics you might want to buy for each item. We refer clients to local Elfriede’s Fine Fabrics in Boulder for their fabrics.

  • bridal gowns and special occasion pieces (prices start at $1800)
  • pants, (prices start at $425)
  • skirts, (prices start at $425)
  • blouses, (prices start at $325)
  • dresses, (prices start at $750)
  • jackets, (prices start at $675)
  • unique one of a kind ideas, (time and materials at $65/hr. for design, patterns and sewing labor)

If you have favorite clothes that fit, but you can’t find them in the stores to buy again, let us copy them for you. We don’t have to take the original apart to do this. We create a “knock off pattern” of the article and copy it in new fabrics you provide.

Scheduling and payments:

A $300 non-refundable deposit for all formal/bridal custom items and $150 deposit for other items will be accepted to hold your place in our queue.

We have a typical 8-15 week turn around for custom orders once the project has begun. All undergarments need to be established and brought to each appointment and weight stabilized prior to starting any clothing project. Any changes to this will result in an increase of time and labor costs.

Payments will be expected at each fitting with the balance due when item is completed. We appreciate cash and checks but also offer visa, discover and  master card payment processing.

We look forward to a great working relationship as we co-create with you in the design process.

We work diligently to help you realize your fashion dreams


Below are just a few of our custom created formal pieces created by Nora McCray. The price ranges are  for labor only:


Emerald green silk charmeuse prom dress with slim straps and overlay skirt  $500-$600

Prom Custom Silk Charmuse dress

French gown copied from a Christian Lacroix gown. This hand created ruffled gown has 5 separate layers of foundation and overlays   $2500-$5,000

Custom French-Style Wedding Gown

Misty Blue silk fitted bodice chiffon gown and wrap was created for our client using a gown in a movie she loves  $1800- $2300

Silk Charmuse and Chiffon Gown and Wrap

Allison French lace was used to create this hand worked portrait neckline, empire waist gown  $1800-$2500

Lace bodice placed to create a beautiful neckline

Red Silk Chiffon is used to create this non traditional flowing wedding gown with a double ruffled hem line   $2300-$2700

Non-Traditional Red Wedding Gown

Ivory silk chiffon is used to create this triple layer gown with soft long bow. $1800- $2000

 Custom chiffon bridal gown